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Speak to a Rosewood Specialist

Speak to a Rosewood Specialist

Rosewood’s Treatment Programs

For more than a decade, men, women and adolescents with eating disorders have relied on Rosewood for a complete range of care. We accept patients where they are, in all stages of recovery, and provide individualized treatment to meet the needs of all patients—from the most complex cases requiring inpatient hospitalization to patients who benefit from residential, transitional and outpatient services. As a leader in the field of eating disorder treatment, Rosewood has earned the Gold Seal of Approval from the Joint Commission and is a member of many respected organizations in the field. Our multidisciplinary teams provide patient-centered anorexia nervosa treatment, bulimia nervosa treatment, binge eating disorder treatment, as well as co-occurring disorders. With a broad mix of traditional, innovative and experiential modalities and a strong relapse prevention and aftercare program, Rosewood offers the best possible opportunity for success and lifelong recovery.

Rosewood Treats:

People develop eating disorders and co-occurring disorders in an infinite number of ways, in response to a wide range of challenges. We have a deep understanding of the biological, emotional, psychological and spiritual processes that interact over time to produce debilitating eating disorders in men, women and adolescents and we know what it takes to overcome them. While the details of each patient’s illness and recovery will vary widely, experience has taught us that patterns emerge. So we follow an overarching and highly flexible process for helping every patient find their way back. So they can start over with new assumptions, a fresh perspective and healthier attitudes—about themselves and the world around them.

Free Eating Disorder Assessments

Let’s start with a fundamental question: Is an eating disorder causing problems for you or someone close to you?  We’ve developed several online assessments that can help you answer that question. Just complete the appropriate assessments from the list below, answering each question completely and honestly. There are no right or wrong answers. One of our trained intake specialists will review your responses, perform a professional evaluation, and call you promptly with the results. There’s no charge for this service, and you will never be pressured into anything. Minors: If you are under 18 years of age you must complete this form with the help of a parent, and your parent must be involved in all aspects of the communication about your online assessment.

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Patient Care at Rosewood Includes Five Important Components

Each patient at Rosewood benefits from a highly personalized treatment plan. Within this individualized framework, each patient’s program at Rosewood involves multiple modalities across five key components:

  1. Ensure safety by stabilizing each patient medically, restoring them to a minimum healthy weight standard and fluid balance and, if necessary, providing medically supervised detox
  2. Identify and develop treatment plans for any psychological challenges faced by the patient
  3. Address any psychiatric illness the patient may be suffering from
  4. Help the patient recognize and eliminate damaging behaviors and thinking patterns that impede recovery
  5. Provide comprehensive aftercare programs that reduce chances of relapse

Our program provides a flexible, personalized and comprehensive continuum of care, which allows patients to enter our program at any point in their recovery journey. As the patient’s recovery evolves, so will his or her personal treatment program. This is achieved through:

  • Clinically proven therapies
  • Supervision and care by multidisciplinary teams of experts
  • Innovative treatment modalities that expose patients to multiple therapeutic experiences
  • Seamless continuum of care

The Elements of Our Treatment Process

Levels of Care: We offer different levels of care, each with its own protocols, designed to provide you with the degree of attention that’s appropriate for you at any given time in your recovery journey. These levels range from 24-hour intensive care at our acute-care hospital to less structured outpatient and transitional care. Your level of care will be tied to your level of functioning and your progress. You will likely transition from one to another at least once. Comprehensive Evaluation: Our process starts with a multi-faceted evaluation that allows us to gain insight into the problems at hand and enables us to make better treatment determination. Based on this evaluation, we’ll know the parameters as your healing begins. Individualized Treatment Plan: You’ll be assigned a multidisciplinary team of professionals based on your condition and needs. Together we’ll create a treatment plan that addresses your unique disorder, symptoms, concerns and preferences. It will serve as a roadmap for your recovery; we’ll revisit it together often, making tweaks and celebrating milestones along the way. Integrative Nutrition Program: As part of your treatment plan, you’ll learn to establish a whole new relationship with food. Based on balance, variety and moderation, our nutrition program starts with a meeting with our registered dietitian and continues through mealtimes, in regular sessions and throughout your stay. The program nourishes you in a wide range of important ways—not just physically. At Rosewood, every delicious meal is a teachable moment. Holistic Recovery Approach: You’re a whole person, not a disease or diagnosis or list of symptoms, and you’ll be treated accordingly. We have a variety of proven therapies, activities and methods we can utilize to treat your disorder. Some will surprise you. Some will challenge you. Some won’t seem like therapy at all. But based on your needs and the expertise of our multidisciplinary team, you’ll experience growth and healing all the time. Aftercare and Relapse Prevention: Even as you take your first steps toward treatment at Rosewood, we’ll already be planting the seeds of a successful long-term recovery. Our highly evolved aftercare, alumni and relapse prevention programs are one of the major reasons why Rosewood can deliver lasting results that traditional centers just can’t achieve. Success Stories: Rosewood will give you the tools, knowledge, and insight to develop your own determination to succeed. How is that possible? We have numerous former patients living independently today because they came to Rosewood, and they succeeded. Read their stories. Take inspiration from their experiences, and prepare to succeed too.

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