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Are You Or Someone You Love Dealing With Bariatric Surgery?

Rosewood has over a decade of experience helping people address underlying eating disorder issues. Obesity rates are rising, as are surgical options for addressing this chronic disease. The correlation between binge eating disorder and morbid obesity is extremely high. This, coupled with the fact that many people entering addiction treatment also suffer form an eating disorder means that clinicians in the addiction and eating disorder fields are increasingly seeing clients that are considering bariatric weight loss surgery.

Identifying & Addressing Underlying Disorders

Treatment professionals’ ability to identify and address underlying eating disorders in bariatric patients plays a critical role in total recovery. Also, clinicians need the ability to handle post-surgery complications, which can include loss-of-control eating, alcoholism, and laxative abuse that seriously compromises long-term outcomes.

Early Intervention

When an eating disorder is identified by bariatric surgeons or addiction professionals, the Rosewood team offers a full continuum of treatment for these patients, including a Behavioral Health In-Patient Facility equipped to handle bariatric patients. The predicted result of this program is an improved long term recovery for bariatric patients suffering from eating disorders and addiction.

5 Keys to Pre/Post Bariatric Treatment

Clients benefit from Rosewood’s individualized approach to treating the root cause of the disease. Within this individualized framework, each client’s recovery program at Rosewood involves:
  • Begin to Restore Client to Medically Appropriate Weight & Detox if Needed
  • Identify & Address Psychological Challenges
  • Identify & Address Psychiatric Illnesses
  • Reduce or Eliminate Destructive Thoughts & Behaviors
  • Create & Implement a Strong Relapse Prevention Plan

Comprehensive Screening

Rosewood works closely with bariatric surgeons, nurses, and dietitians to devise pre and post-surgery screening programs that help assess patients for undiagnosed eating disorders. Rosewood provides these professionals comprehensive education about binge eating, emotional eating, purging, laxative abuse, etc. By properly screening the patient’s pre-surgery conditions, centers can address emotional eating issues and other co-occurring disorders that may compromise the treatment’s outcomes. This prescreening process is vital to patient health. Unscreened patients experience greater post-surgery complication rates. For liability reasons, the majority of surgeons will not treat a bariatric patient on whom they did not perform the procedure. Rosewood has created an eating disorder screening program that can qualify patients to be seen by surgeons other than the one that performed their surgery. This enables the patients to obtain the care they need (e.g. lap band removal, surgical revision, or general medication guidance).

Responsive & Flexible Bariatric Treatment Programs & Modalities

Rosewood is a hospital-level facility that can accommodate clients up to 800 pounds in size. Bariatric clients can enter our program pre and post-surgery. As the client’s recovery evolves, so will his or her personal treatment program, as well as treatment modalities utilized.
  • Inpatient Treatment
  • Residential Treatment
  • Partial Hospitalization (PHP)
  • Intensive Outpatient (IOP)
  • Extended Day Treatment
  • Partial Day Treatment
  • Transitional Living

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