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    Rosewood Centers for Eating Disorders partners with medical, psychiatric and other professionals to provide comprehensive eating disorder treatment. For more than a decade, clinicians have trusted Rosewood to provide expert treatment and care for their patients. With a seamless of continuum of care, we treat adult and adolescent patients with anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge eating disorder and other eating disorders, as well as the underlying co-occurring disorders and co-morbidities often associated with them. Our treatment programs are fully accredited, and we’re among a select few eating disorder providers that offer a complete range of care for all stages of recovery—from critically ill patients requiring inpatient treatment to those ready for transitional living and outpatient services. If you have a patient struggling with an eating disorder, consider making a referral to Rosewood.

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    Rosewood collaborates continuously with referring clinicians, making sure all relevant information is shared with all parties at all times. We make a priority of consulting with referring clinicians about prospective patients before, during and after treatment at Rosewood. Our thorough aftercare planning procedures ensure a seamless transition to your care when the patient is discharged.

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