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Rosewood Tempe Eating Disorder Treatment for All Genders

Rosewood Tempe offers a blend of flexible, innovative day treatment services for eating and co-occurring disorders in the form of psychotherapy, nutrition, and psychiatric services in a safe, supportive outpatient environment.  While many patients require highly structured treatment based in a hospital or residential environment, Rosewood Tempe is for adults and adolescents of all genders who need partial hospitalization or intensive outpatient programming for anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge eating disorderARFID (Avoidant/Restrictive Food Intake Disorder)co-occurring addictions and mood/psychiatric disorders treatment, and more. Our adolescent program works closely with families throughout the treatment and recovery process, helps adolescents reintegrate into their lives, and teaches them how to develop positive coping skills while establishing healthy core values.

Levels of Care

At Rosewood Tempe, we offer an Intensive Outpatient Program and Partial Hospitalization Program to help patients and their families treat their loved ones eating and co-occurring disorders:

  • Our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) ensures a continuum of care for adolescent and adult patients who are transitioning from a higher level of inpatient care and/or a point of care for those needing more structure than what is offered in outpatient therapy. The Program provides regular, structured group therapy and programming six days a week, while allowing clients the flexibility to resume their everyday activities, such as work or school.
  • Our Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) offers an entry point for care or step down from residential treatment.  This adult program is offered five days a week and includes group therapy, individual therapy and supportive meals and snacks, all complemented by holistic and experiential therapies to foster lifelong recovery.

Programs and Services at Rosewood Tempe

While every patient’s individualized treatment plan is unique, it will likely include one or more of these services:

  • Nutrition Programs: At the beginning of every patient’s treatment, our trained registered dietitians provide a comprehensive nutrition evaluation, along with customized meal plans based on the patient’s preferences and nutritional needs. We also address patients’ individual eating issues and offer educational presentations, meal planning classes, and a variety of real-world activities.
  • Family Involvement & Healing: At Rosewood Tempe, we work closely with patients and their family members and friends, to provide the essential communication and interpersonal tools that enable the patient’s safe, confident return to family life. We address family issues, provide information on communication, the recovery process and lay the foundation to heal damaged elements in the family system.
  • Support Groups and Therapy: These sessions, intended for patients, family members and friends, provide safe and supportive settings to exchange information, share experiences, and establish connections with others who have their own perspectives on eating disorders.
  • Coping skills: Many patients in the later stages of recovery worry about implementing the insights they’ve gained during the focused work of recovery. At Rosewood Tempe, patients have varied opportunities to sharpen these coping skills in a safe and supportive environment.
  • Life skills: At Rosewood Tempe, our professionals help patients re-acquire and practice these important life skills, so they can confidently approach independent living without fear.
  • Experiential Modalities: The trained therapists, psychiatrists and nutritionists at Rosewood Tempe provide a wide range of innovative experiential modalities to help each patient achieve a well-rounded recovery. These can include cognitive and dialectical behavioral therapies; educational sessions about addiction, meal planning and nutrition; group sessions that address body image, gentle and mindful eating and family issues; and art/music therapy, yoga and more.

Our Clinical Team at Rosewood Tempe

The multidisciplinary treatment professionals at Rosewood Tempe work with a wide range of adult and adolescent patients at various points in their recovery journeys. We provide deeply personalized care for patients who have unique symptoms, concerns and needs related to eating disorders and co-occurring disorders. Our team members, who include psychiatrists, psychologists, dietitians, therapists and other clinicians, bring extensive training to the table, allowing them to connect on a deeply personal level with each patient. This level of experience and involvement gives our team members enormous compassion, empathy and authenticity.

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