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Rosewood Centers for Eating Disorders develops and maintains various Social Networking facets, including but not limited to the Rosewood Facebook page and Alumni Group page. These sites are dedicated to Alumni peer support and as a reference for people looking for Eating Disorder Recovery information from Rosewood Centers for Eating Disorders. Rosewood facilitates a growing network community, which is a great resource for potential new clients as well as supporting current alumni. Procedure:
  • Employee’s interest is appreciated in Rosewoods various Social Networking outlets. Although the administration of these outlets be limited to our Alumni and Marketing Coordinators as designated, for review and support.
  • It is important for employees to understand that posting of negative or sarcastic dialog, or any information that might be construed as offensive by anyone, on any online site, is not acceptable. This kind of action can be recognized by some as discriminatory, bullying, all of which contribute to a hostile work environment and will be addressed by Administration on an as needed basis.
  • It is imperative that the Social Networking pages (Facebook, Twitter, etc…) be monitored daily by designated staff, to ensure that comments that reveal personal information, protected by HIPAA, be removed.
  • Designated staff will never edit a third party’s post on a Social Networking Page. They will respond to it, delete it, or leave it as is.
  • In addition, it is important that patient information (i.e.; patient’s name, age, date of birth…) is never released without the consent of the patient, unless it is for treatment, payment, or healthcare options. This includes the confirmation that an individual was a patient of Rosewood.
  • It is required that employees do not invite or accept invitations from Alumni on their personal social networking pages. Instead please redirect any alumni attempting to engage with you through these social network mediums to the Rosewood pages so they can get the support they need within the Rosewood system.
  • Rosewood Centers for Eating Disorders informs all visitors and staff through posted signage at each facility location, the prohibiting of picture taking. This is required to ensure the anonymity of our patients. All photography or video recording will be done with the approval of Administration only.
TECHNOLOGY POLICY: This policy defines the boundaries of acceptable use of Rosewood Center for Eating Disorders computing and communication resources, including computers, networks, electronic mail services (Blackberry services), electronic information sources, voice mail, telephone services, and other communication resources. In addition, this policy reflects the goal of Rosewood to securely provide resources for performance based business practices. Requirements for the use of Rosewood Center for Eating Disorders Computing and Communication Resources
  • Staff issued electronic devices with the purpose of business communication are to comply with local and federal laws and regulations along with Rosewood’s policies.
  • Users must respect freedom and speech rights.
  • Users must be truthful and accurate with personal and computer identification.
  • Users must not compromise the integrity of Rosewood’s electronic network, avoid restricted areas and refrain from activities that may damage the network, transmitted, and stored data.
  • Users must maintain a security of accounts and are advised to protect and regularly change their passwords. Individuals responsible for systems administration are required to regularly change passwords to protect information and maintain security.
Prohibited Uses of Rosewood Computing and Communication Resources
  • Unlawful communications, including threats of violence, obscenity, child pornography, and harassing communication are prohibited.
  • Use of Rosewood computer resources for private business or related commercial activities, fund raising or advertising on behalf of non-Rosewood organizations is prohibited.
  • The unauthorized reselling of Rosewood computer resources is prohibited.
Section: Program Administration
  • Use of Rosewood logos, trademarks, or other protected electronic media is prohibited without permission from the Executive Director.
  • Any alteration of addresses, (URL), or other action that mask the RosewoodRanch.com domain as a host site is prohibited.
  • Misrepresenting or forging the identity of the sender of the source of an electronic communication is prohibited.
  • Unauthorized acquisitions attempts to acquire and use passwords of others is prohibited. This includes the use of others computer accounts.
  • Making Rosewood computing resources available to individuals not affiliated with Rosewood without approval from IT staff is prohibited.
  • Intentionally or recklessly compromising the privacy or security of electronic information is prohibited.
  • Infringing upon the copyright, trademark, patent, or other intellectual property rights of others in computer programs or electronic information (including plagiarism and unauthorized use or reproduction) is prohibited. The unauthorized storing, copying or use of audio files, images, graphics, computer software, data sets, bibliographic records and other protected property is prohibited except as permitted by law.
Electronic Mail and Electronic Communications Access to Rosewood email is privilege that may be wholly or partially restricted without prior notice and without consent of the users: a. If required by applicable law or policy b. If a reasonable suspicion exists that there has been or may be a violation of law, regulations or policy. Prohibition against Activities which cause Strain on Facility Infrastructure Activities that cause strain on network infrastructure such as electronic email with large attachments (hi-resolution images and video files), chain letters, spam, “letter bombs” are prohibited from reproduction. Confidentiality Confidentiality of network transmission or emails sent outside Rosewood’s domain cannot be assured. As a precaution, all users should exercise caution when sending personal, financial, confidential, or sensitive information, including patient information by email or over the network. Logging and Monitoring Network activities form workstations connected to the network are routinely logged and monitored. Activities include:
  • Time and duration of network activity.
  • Access to web pages.
  • Access to network information on \”Rosewood Mailserver\”
  • Storage and data transmissions, including email transmissions and server storage used.
  • It is the responsibility of Rosewood Center for Eating Disorders IT Administrator and department staff to report any violations to first, the Executive Director, then Human Resources, Facility Manager, Staff Supervisor and Staff.
  • Violation of these policies will result in Verbal Warning, Suspension of Employment or Termination. Criminal offenses will result in notification to local and/or federal agencies*.
  • In the event of legal action, computer hardware, software, electronic information such as email information may be confiscated as evidence.
*Federal and local criminal offenses include Fraud, Intrusion, Privacy and Intellectual property theft.