The Rosewood Santa Monica Staff & Peers Truly Changed My Life

Before Rosewood, life was bleak. Food was scary. Meal times were torture. And the bathroom toilet was my closest companion. I was lost. My family was suffering. My parents were at a loss. We’d been having the same conversation for almost a decade: “Eat Liz!” “No mom I can’t” “Please don’t purge, Lizzi!” “Dad I…

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Reflecting On 2018 Rosewood Arizona Alumni Reunion

It was such an incredible weekend with Taryn Brumfitt. I don’t know who was more excited, us or Taryn. We had 127 attendees. Taryn was by far one of the greatest speakers because she made the time to sit and talk with everyone in the room. She knew alum by name and connected with them….

How to Raise a Child with a Positive Body Image

How to Raise a Child with a Positive Body Image

U.S. culture’s obsession with unrealistic body ideals is taking a toll on girls. By age six – that’s kindergarten – girls start to express concerns about their weight and shape. As many as 60% of girls in elementary school worry about becoming “too fat.” By the time they’re teenagers, 50% of teen girls (and 33% of…

Summer Can Trigger Eating Disorder Relapse Rosewood Centers for Eating Disorders

Summer Can Trigger Eating Disorder Relapse

Summer is almost here. For some people, the long sunny days conjure up happy times spent at barbecues, the pool or trips to the beach. For people in recovery from eating disorders, the carefree days of summer can feel like anything but. “Bathing suit and shorts weather” can cause body image issues to resurface, while…

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I Am Not My Eating Disorder. I Am Me. I Am Strong.

re·cov·er·y rəˈkəv(ə)rē/ noun a return to a normal state of health, mind, or strength. Recovery for me hasn’t been so much of returning to a normal state of mind as it has been obtaining. Recovery for me has definitely been a journey and a half. My eating disorder started at a young age. In a…