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Speak to a Rosewood Specialist

Speak to a Rosewood Specialist

Comprehensive Evaluation

No matter what route led you to us—a referral, a recommendation from a friend, word-of-mouth—the healing process starts with a comprehensive, confidential and personalized evaluation by our eating disorder intake specialists. A comprehensive evaluation helps us to obtain a complete diagnosis in order to develop a treatment plan that’s right for you. We’ll want to learn as much as possible about you, the factors that have influenced your life, and your relationship with food up to this point. Our questions are driven by a sincere desire to understand your situation, so we can provide the most effective eating disorder treatment program. We have different an array programs including anorexia treatment, bulimia treatment, binge eating treatment, and treatment for co-occurring disorders. Your confidential evaluation is a lot more than checking boxes on a list. It’s about gaining a deeper understanding of you in all your dimensions. It’s about learning where you started and the journey that led you to Rosewood.

How We Approach Your Comprehensive Evaluation

Just as no two clients are alike, each client’s evaluation is unique to his or her situation, challenges and needs—the exact opposite of a one-size-fits-all approach. The evaluation is designed to help us create a path to recovery together, so you have the best opportunity to achieve a recovery that is both life changing and lasting. Your comprehensive evaluation will include these basic elements: Stabilization: First and foremost, we are concerned about your safety. Before proceeding, we’ll make sure you receive any critical medical treatment necessary to stabilize your condition. Medical History:  During your evaluation, we’ll perform a thorough review of your medical history, which can provide insights into the physical and emotional challenges you’ve faced in the past and are facing now. If you have copies of your medical records, please bring them with you. You may also be asked to authorize your primary care and/or other physicians to release those records to us. By consulting with your physician before, during and after your treatment, we can provide continuity of care that’s as seamless as possible. Interview:  We’ll take time to ask about your concerns and goals–and listen intently as we get to know you and give you a chance to learn about us. This allows us to gather information that will guide any treatment recommendations and assist you with the financial/insurance process. You’ll have our full attention and respect. Physical Exam:  One of our licensed medical specialists will also complete a thorough physical exam to determine the present state of your medical health; this process may include taking samples for analysis by a pathologist. Once the evaluation is complete, our multidisciplinary team of specialists, psychological and psychiatric clinicians, dietitians and other professionals will review the results with you and recommend a personalized treatment plan that will help you begin the healing process.

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