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Speak to a Rosewood Specialist

“Family Week at Rosewood Ranch” – A Father’s Poem

How Eating Disorders Hurt the Heart Rosewood Centers for Eating Disorders

Receiving treatment for an eating disorder can be an emotional journey for clients and their families. Initially, many people shy away from their deeper feelings, not wanting to stir up unpleasant memories. However, with gentle guidance, great strides can be made in breaking down harmful or toxic feelings while establishing healthy boundaries. Rosewood’s Family Week is designed to assist clients and their family members in becoming more aware of the dynamics of eating disorders operating within a family system. The father of one of our clients was so moved by his Family Week experience he was inspired to write a poem, Family Week at Rosewood Ranch. It is a beautiful testament to the emotional revelations that can change lives, heal old wounds, and build trust within the family unit. This contribution was so heartwarming we felt compelled to share it with our readers.

A Father’s Poem

Bring hope and inspiration to those around you by sharing this beautiful poem. Print it, post it, email it!

“Family Week at Rosewood Ranch” – A Father’s Poem

Today a surprise – received an invitation. Is it a cause for celebration? No – Family Week at Rosewood Ranch. Should we go and take a chance?
We miss the one the one that we love so Let’s put aside fears, pack up and go. Finalized our reservations, there is no more hesitation.
Arriving at Rosewood, we’re still not sure. To be truthful, feeling rather insecure. Here comes our loved one! I’m holder her tight. You know I believe it will be alright!
Other families were met. They struggle too, Not knowing exactly what to do. How do we speak, what do we say, to get us through these challenging days?
Ms. Billie led us and she was great! Improving our ways to communicate. The setting of boundaries was a new goal. A promising way to keep ourselves whole.
Did we cause this dread disease, One that brings us to our knees? A big surprise – it wasn’t me! Must have been that family tree.
Burdens were lightened from the past, Sharing amends that will surely last, ridding ourselves of doubts and sorrows, Assured us all of brighter tomorrows.
Feelings were shared with all our peers. It wasn’t easy – brought us all to tears. Kleenex scattered strategically round Aided in sharing and love did abound.
A new approach was taught this group. Ever heard of a Feedback Loop? Put this tool to use and you will see more understanding ‘tween you and me.
If a healthier and happier you, you seek Head off to Rosewood for Family Week. A special place of love and caring. You come home stronger thanks to the sharing.
A big “THANK YOU” to all the staff Who did so much on our behalf. If you should get an invitation, GO – It’s truly a cause for celebration!

Clients’ Thoughts on Family Week

When we came for family week I was ever so thankful that I could have shared this week with him and my in laws! I would recommend family week to anyone and everyone! It was draining but it was eye-opening and emotional. You realize, “WOW! my loved one has been hurting and hiding all of this,” and you learn to deal with the emotions and learn to communicate better and effectively! ~ Tracy Miller (Spouse of a Rosewood Alumni)

My parents looked all over the country but chose Rosewood. I’m glad they did. This place saved my life. I learned coping skills. At family week my dad was more accepting of my disorder. He used to tell me to “just eat” or “cut this crap out”. But now, he supports me. I’m so thankful for Rosewood. ~ Rosewood Alumni

At Rosewood we understand that family involvement is crucial to the healing and recovery process. At every level of care clients participate in programs designed to address the family system and communication differences among family members. Learn More About Our Family Program

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