If I could only say one sentence about my experience at Rosewood Santa Monica, it would be that Rosewood saved my life.  Rosewood provided me with a safe and healing space where recovery was possible.  The support that I received from the staff and my peers gave me the strength to expand my toolbox of coping skills that helps me fight my disorder every day.  The groups helped me to really look inside of myself and face my demons that I hadn’t been able to do before Rosewood.  One of the staff at Rosewood always told me, “It is so much better on the other side”.  When she said “the other side”, she meant a life in recovery. I have only been out of Rosewood for four months and I can say this from the bottom of my soul, life is beautiful and is something that should be rejoiced and enjoyed.  I do enjoy my life, and thanks to the support of Rosewood, and more importantly the dedication I have to my recovery I can say that I love life, and I love myself.  My time at Rosewood was not easy, in fact, it was probably the most difficult thing that I have experienced in my life, but it was worth every minute. I will forever be grateful to this program.

Rosewood Santa Monica