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My eating disorder took the most valuable thing away from memy voice. Before coming to Rosewood Santa Monica I hardly spoke in any social or professional situation. I was withdrawn into myself because thats what my eating disorder fed upon. Going into treatment I began to loosen the reigns that my eating disorder had on me and started to speak freely. Rosewood Santa Monica gave me the tools and teachings for me to get my voice back and be proud to use it. I now have a great social life with new friends because I was able to reach out and talk to anyone that I wanted to meet. Im no longer thought of as intimidating by my peers because I have an open voice and am not afraid to use it. Ive even use my voice in classes to make contributions and speak about my experiences and that has opened me up to job opportunities from teachers, support from peer members, and a better life experience. I am so grateful for Rosewood and all of the staff there for helping to fight back against my eating disorder, but for also giving me the chance to have a voice.

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