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Speak to a Rosewood Specialist

Speak to a Rosewood Specialist

Rosewood Alum Talks About The Stronger Person He Has Become!

When I first developed my eating disorder,  my parents didn’t know what to do, but after doing some extensive research they found Rosewood! I remember my first night like it was yesterday. The night was a cold and windy December night . Walking to the administration office, I was met by two Rosewood staff who warmly welcomed me to the center. After being admitted, the nurse took my vitals and told me that I was very courageous for deciding to come to choose recovery. During my two months at Rosewood, I learned not only that recovery is possible, but that I wasn’t alone, especially with the great support from the staff and my peers. Even after I left Rosewood, they always checked up on me. Four years later, I can look at all the success in my life and credit Rosewood for more than half of it slimming tablets that work. I would highly recommend Rosewood to anyone wanting to finally get rid of your eating disorder, not only because they help you fight ED, but also because they make you a stronger more confident person! Matt Alum Rosewood Centers For Eating Disorders

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