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Speak to a Rosewood Specialist

My 10 Year Eating Disorder Recovery “Birthday”

Today is my 10 year recovery “birthday” and I really wanted to share something profound with you all about my journey, but I think it’s more important that I share about my life now…

This morning after eating breakfast with my hubby and three little boys (we had pancakes with blueberries and butter, and bacon), my boys were playing a game and my husband wrapped his arms around me and said, “thank you for giving me the last ten years.” I responded that I’ve given him more than 10 years, in a joking manner, since we’ve been together 15 years. In seriousness, he said that if I hadn’t chosen to get help, we wouldn’t have the life we have today- my health (maybe even my life), our marriage, our children.

As we talked about that day 10 years ago when I left for Rosewood, and my stay there, it really hit me: my life has never been the same since. Sure, there are things I’m still working on, like my family relationships and boundaries, and I still struggle from time to time with negative body image. BUT my worst day now is still 100 times better than my best day back then.

Every day, every struggle, has been worth it. Recovery is not perfect. It’s a lifelong journey. Today, and always, I’m thankful to be alive, living and loving, through all of the ups and downs that life brings me.

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