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Speak to a Rosewood Specialist

Speak to a Rosewood Specialist

Lift Your Spirits with Sundown on the Ranch

Amazing night skies, quiet vistas, and an occasional owl spotting are just a few reasons why clients enjoy evenings on the ranch.

What makes Wickenburg evening skies so special is the fact that we are located high in the Sonoran desert away from any potential light pollution from other cities,” comments Ethan Lefever, who has been a member of the Rosewood team for over a decade. Lefever goes on to share details about the diverse plant and animal life that one can enjoy on a quiet evening. The Wickenburg area attracts over 280 species birds, including owls, which you may be fortunate enough to see while contemplating the meaning of life on a cool Rosewood night.

The sense of quiet, safety and peace cultivated at the ranch helps eating disorder clients who are struggling with PTSD, anxiety and many other mood disorders. Rosewood treats the whole person, addressing the root eating disorder, addiction, co-occurring conditions

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