Speak to a Rosewood Specialist

Speak to a Rosewood Specialist

RiverMend Health Treatment Facilities Provide Essential Healthcare Services and Will Remain Open When the Government Mandated “Shelter-in-place” Order is Announced


As local, state and federal governments continue to take aggressive action to prevent the spread of COVID-19, the possibility of “shelter-in-place” mandates become increasingly likely; some areas of the United States have already enacted such orders. The “shelter-in-place” mandate requires citizens to remain in their homes to enforce social distancing but has exemptions for “essential” activities. These activities include health, work, food and even exercise in some cases.

RiverMend Health treatment facilities provide Essential Healthcare Services and will remain open during “shelter-in-place” orders. We are here for our patients. During this unique and difficult time, it is imperative that our treatment offerings remain available for those suffering with addiction or eating disorders. Our facilities will continue to accept new patients.

Our leadership team and staff continue to work together to ensure safety measures are in place and are well prepared to respond to any needs. We assure you that patient and staff safety is our number one priority.

With 20 years of behavioral health business development experience, Carrie combines world-class marketing, media, public relations, outreach and business development with a deep understanding of client care and treatment. Her contributions to the world of behavioral health business development – and particularly eating disorder treatment – go beyond simple marketing; she has actively developed leaders for her organizations and for the industry at large.

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