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Speak to a Rosewood Specialist

Integrated Treatment for Co-Occurring Eating and Substance Use Disorders

Eating disorders and substance use disorders share many similar characteristics, including that both are chronic, long-term diseases with high rates of relapse, and often involve compulsive secretive behavior that is continued despite negative adverse consequences. In fact, up to 50 percent of individuals who seek treatment for eating disorders also abuse drugs or alcohol, more

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Picture This: Mentalization-based Therapy to Treat Eating Disorders

There’s a new tool for individuals with eating disorders that can help them think in new ways about themselves, others and food. Called mentalization-based therapy, this newer subset of psychodynamic therapy focuses on attachment therapy using a technique developed by researchers Peter Fonagy and Anthony Bateman. Originally used to help patients with borderline personality disorder,

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Are Your Child’s Eating Habits Symptomatic Of Binge Eating?

Every parent can attest to the common experience of raising children and adolescents with their seemingly endless appetites. “They’re eating me out of house and home”, is a statement that everyone can relate to when it comes to feeding adolescents. Often the food you purchased in order to prepare a family meal is consumed before

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How Social Media Is Influencing Your Child’s Body Image

Children and teens have always been concerned about fitting in and being accepted by their peers. At one point, in the not too distant past, peer groups were confined to school classmates, neighbors, and friends. When it came to appearance, kids had a fairly restricted group of people for comparison. Then, television, magazines, movies and

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Can Empty Nest Syndrome Increase Vulnerability to Eating Disorders?

Change and transition occur throughout the lifespan, with each transition presenting unique challenges that may cause one to be at increased risk for the development or reemergence of an eating disorder. In our younger years, transitions such as adolescence, moving, and going away to college, can be the culprits. During mid life parents are faced

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When an Eating Disorder Takes Your Child Hostage

By Deborah A. Russo, PsyD., The Rosewood Centers for Eating Disorders Director, The Rosewood Institute I will be fine Mom, I need to start school, and I can’t miss it! I will fall behind and never catch up and then it will be awful… I won’t get the scholarship I’m depending on. Please, please, I

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Orthorexia: An Obsession with Eating Healthfully

Orthorexia is becoming a common point of discussion in the eating disorder (ED) field, and the debate may lead to the question, “can you be too healthy?” That’s not exactly the right question. Being “healthy” is a matter of balance. If a person is engaging in orthorexic behaviors, a form of obsession and restriction, they

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Animal Assisted Therapy: Personal Stories of Therapeutic Success

by Cheryl Musick, Group Specialist, Lead AAT Specialist/Dog Handler, EAGALA Advanced Animals are reliable, honest, often affectionate and loving, grateful and loyal; standards that are difficult for most people to live up to. The bond between human and domesticated animals goes back thousands of years. Serving as laborers, hunters, protectors, and nurturers. Domesticated animals are

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DTRs and Why They’re Important in Eating Disorder Treatment

by Courtney Addison, DTR (Tempe IOP) and Jessica Hailey, DTR (Capri PHP) WHAT IS A DTR? No, we’re not talking about “Defining The Relationship”. Diet Technician, Registered, or DTR, is the national credential held by the dietary technicians (DT) within the Rosewood dietary team. Not only does the credential ensure our professionals have the education

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