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Careers at Rosewood

Recognized as a leader in eating disorder treatment, Rosewood Centers for Eating Disorders continually seeks out quality staff members looking for rewarding careers in our field. As a company that is committed to our employees, we understand and appreciate how staff members contribute to patient care and our success. We recruit and retain skilled and educated professionals who are passionate about working with patients struggling with an eating disorder. Rosewood rewards employees with competitive wages, an exciting and professional work environment, opportunities for growth and a terrific benefits package. We encourage and support professional development through high-quality education and training programs. Best of all, the work is extremely rewarding. Our staff members make a big difference in the lives of people as they grow and heal. Our employees are vital to making us a world class treatment center of excellence.

Is a Career with Rosewood Right for You?

Ask yourself these questions to determine if a career at Rosewood is right for you:
  1. Do you always put patient dignity, privacy and well-being first?
  2. Do you work effectively in a cross-functional, multidisciplinary team?
  3. Do you encourage and help peers to grow in knowledge, skill and scope of responsibility?
  4. Do you embrace opportunities for growth and change?
  5. Do you adhere to best practices?

About Rosewood

  • Who We Are: With locations in Arizona and California, Rosewood Centers for Eating Disorders is an internationally known organization that helps men, women and adolescents recover from anorexia, bulimia, binge eating disorder, and co-occurring addictions and conditions. We are part of the RiverMend Health family of companies.
  • What We Believe: The mission of Rosewood is to provide the highest level of care to individuals with anorexia, bulimia, binge eating disorder and other related issues. As a center of excellence, Rosewood is committed to creating and mandating a culture necessary for growth and healing. Rosewood is dedicated to the education, prevention, and treatment of eating disorders. Rosewood is focused on providing proven therapies in a nurturing environment that honors the dignity and spirituality of every patient.
  • Our Reputation: Rosewood is one of the most highly respected organizations in the field of comprehensive treatment for eating disorders and co-occurring disorders. With an extensive network of referral sources and a strong track record for education and training, our company enjoys a well-established reputation for quality world-class clinical services.
  • Diversity at Rosewood: Rosewood Centers for Eating Disorders welcomes diverse viewpoints and people from a variety of environments and backgrounds.

Eating Disorder Treatment Center Jobs

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