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Speak to a Rosewood Specialist

Speak to a Rosewood Specialist

When patients complete their treatment at Rosewood, they join a growing network of alumni who have succeeded in overcoming the pain and stigma of eating disorders and co-occurring disorders.
As they return to their individual lives, alumni are equipped with a variety of resources aimed at tapping the inner strength needed to avoid a relapse. In addition to the coping strategies and life management skills learned as part of our relapse prevention program, our aftercare program coordinates with medical providers at home—so patients experience a smooth transition back to the care of their own team.

Friends and Fellowship

One of the most powerful resources for staying on track is other alumni themselves. At its core, our active alumni program harnesses the power of fellowship, teamwork and shared experiences. Just as patients in treatment learn to rely on each other for mutual support, they know they can extend that support long after they go home. The friendships formed at Rosewood often last a lifetime. That’s why we have alumni coordinators. We facilitate the process of keeping in touch. We reach out proactively, at regular intervals, to every former patient—especially throughout the first year after treatment. It gives our professionals a chance to check in with former patients, to see how they’re doing and offer encouragement and practical help. At the same time, these outreach calls give alumni a chance to voice any concerns about staying on track with their recovery. So we can work together to solve a problem before it threatens the person’s hard-earned recovery. Our alumni coordinator can put patients in touch with local resources, including medical care, support groups, 12-step organizations, and other programs that can make the difference between continued success and relapse. We also hold alumni reunions every year, along with a varied schedule of smaller regional meet-ups. These gatherings give alumni a chance to get re-acquainted, to catch up and share fond memories, to offer and receive mutual support from others who have been there. All Rosewood patients are automatically enrolled in our alumni program. Participation is voluntary, and we encourage every patient to take full advantage of the program.

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Rosewood Teen Eating Disorder Treatment Program

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Alums, Family, & Staff Share Inspiring Stories

2016 Rosewood Alumni Reunion

Our annual Rosewood Alumni Reunion will be held in Phoenix, AZ from September 16th to September 18th.

Please visit our Alumni Reunion Registration Page to learn more about this exciting event and register to attend!

Operation RecoverED

The mission of Operation RecoverED, initiated by Alumni Program Coordinator and Recovery Coach Shannon Hershkowitz, is to provide an opportunity to get involved with ED awareness efforts. Participants do this by raising awareness about anorexia, bulimia, and binge eating disorders at schools, clubs, and organizations across the globe. You’ll be invited to join this remarkable program.

2015 Alumni Reunion Photos

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