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Speak to a Rosewood Specialist

Speak to a Rosewood Specialist

Smartphone App Designed to Help Binge Eaters

The “TakeControl” mobile app currently in development at Drexel University is designed to track a person’s eating and bingeing behaviors, and alert them when they are at risk of having a bingeing episode. Users will be able to input data about their mood, hunger levels, anxiety levels, etc., and learn to recognize personal triggers that

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Boys With Eating Disorders Struggle to Find Effective Treatment

A family in Connecticut learned that finding eating disorder treatment specifically for boys can be very difficult. When 13-year-old Jonathan Noyes began bingeing and purging, seeking treatment helped, but he found even more support from another local boy who suffers from the same condition. Read the full story here. Rosewood Tempe Outpatient Clinic is a

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Parents Influence Teen Eating Habits

Parents Influence Teen Eating Habits A new study by Loughborough University shows that teens are less likely to develop disordered eating habits if parents take a more active role in providing meals. The study also shows that when girls are pressured to eat more food, they are more likely to develop an eating disorder, while

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