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Speak to a Rosewood Specialist

Speak to a Rosewood Specialist

Why Professionals Choose Rosewood

Rosewood is a top referral choice for numerous physicians, psychiatrists, psychologists and other clinicians throughout the world. If you have a patient struggling with an eating disorder or dual diagnosis, consider these reasons for entrusting their care to Rosewood:

  • Professional credentials: Rosewood Centers for Eating Disorders has earned a Gold Seal of Approval from the Joint Commission, indicating our adherence to the Joint Commission’s high standards. With active membership and participation in the Residential Eating Disorders Consortium (RECD), National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA) and numerous other professional organizations, our program is designed and managed by some of the most respected professionals in the field of eating disorder treatment—among them Dr. Amelia Davis, Dr. Dena Cabrera and Dr. Julie Wood. Together they’ve assembled a team of psychiatrists, physicians, registered dietitians, therapists, nurses and other clinicians fully capable of providing innovative and evidence-based treatment programs that are personalized for every patient.
  • Professional collaboration: On a patient-care level, we collaborate continuously with referring clinicians, making sure all relevant information is shared with all parties at all times. We make a priority of consulting with referring clinicians about prospective patients before, during and after treatment at Rosewood. Our thorough aftercare planning procedures ensure a seamless transition to your care when the patient is discharged. This highly collaborative approach extends to our broader education and training activities, too. Our professionals share their experiences and insights at professional gatherings and in seminars, webinars and other formats. We also invite clinicians from other organizations to come in and share their knowledge with us. Because clinical knowledge is meant to be shared.
  • Full continuum of care: We provide personalized care that’s always appropriate for the patient’s changing needs so a patient can transition seamlessly from one level of care to another. We are one of the only ED treatment facilities offering comprehensive inpatient hospitalization and acute care services.  This capability allows us to stabilize even the most acute ED patients and, if needed, provide medically supervised detox. We also offer inpatient, residential, partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient, extended day, and transitional care, each with its own degree of structure, monitoring and supervision.
  • Holistic approach: Our fully integrated holistic approach includes a wide range of therapeutic components that address each patient’s unique needs. We meet each patient where they are, with a focus on treating the whole person, not the disorder. This successful, supportive and evidence-based approach facilitates lasting recovery in mind, body and spirit. In addition to individual and group therapy sessions, we provide customized in-depth nutrition counseling and education, dialectic techniques, experiential therapies (including equine and canine therapy) and other proven modalities.
  • Patient-centric approach: Eating disorders and co-occurring disorders manifest in infinitely different ways. At Rosewood, we customize the treatment program for each patient’s unique needs, with the patient’s active involvement. Because like you, we place patients’ needs at the center of everything we do. Rather than a one-size-fits-all approach, our multidisciplinary care teams use the full range of therapeutic tools at their disposal to explore the underlying issues, restore a healthy relationship with food, repair damaged and disrupted family systems, and facilitate comprehensive and lasting recovery.
  • Locations that promote healing: Located in Arizona and Southern California, our secluded, welcoming campuses offer an ideal distraction-free setting where patients can reflect, relax and re-claim their inner strength. Rosewood Ranch for Adults and Adolescents and Rosewood Capri are located in the picturesque mountains of Wickenburg, AZ; Rosewood Tempe is located near the main campus of  Arizona State University; Rosewood Santa Monica is minutes away from the Pacific Ocean and the beauty of Southern California. These comfortable environments meet the needs of the full spectrum of eating disorder patients, providing medically appropriate facilities and inviting surroundings where patients can form lasting bonds with peers and re-integrate confidently into society as they feel ready.
  • Family involvement: In our experience, eating disorders impact whole families, not just individuals. So we believe active family involvement is crucial to successful recovery for most patients. We offer an intensive week-long family program as part of every patient’s individualized treatment plan. In our safe and non-threatening settings, patients and family members have opportunities to share their experience, receive education, understand the complexities of an eating disorder, engage in therapeutic work, learn skills and receive tools on how to support and guide their loved one in recovery. They also connect with other family members and build support for themselves.
  • Relapse prevention planning: Starting on Day One, patients at Rosewood take a long-term view of their treatment, with emphasis on resources that combat the tendency to relapse. At least weekly, patients participate in sessions that build up the coping strategies and life management skills they’ll need after they are discharged to your care. We also offer a robust alumni program that leverages the bonds of fellowship, teamwork and mutual support formed with peers during treatment. By the time they complete their treatment programs, patients are fully armed with resources to support lasting recovery.
  • Collaborative aftercare planning: Because we consult proactively with each patient’s clinical providers at home, our patients benefit from a seamless transition. As a referring clinician you’ll always be fully looped in—consulted, not just informed—about your patient’s treatment plan and progress throughout their stay at Rosewood. And when the patient is ready for discharge you’ll be thoroughly advised about any post-treatment issues and needs the patient might have, along with any follow-up care that may be needed.
  • Professional advocacy and continuing education: As experts in the field of diagnosing and treating eating disorders and associated co-existing disorders, our professionals participate actively in efforts to raise awareness and share findings about evidence-based techniques and best practices.Through our partnership with The RiverMend Health Institute, many of our clinicians contribute articles in professional and consumer publications, make presentations and conduct a variety of webinars, seminars and other continuing education events. We also invite noted researchers and clinicians to share their knowledge with our staff. At the same time, we stay in touch with elected officials at all levels of government to keep them informed about developments in the field of ED treatment. Through RecoverED, a Rosewood initiative, our former patients participate in awareness-raising activities throughout the country.
  • Patient advocacy: Our intake and utilization review specialists work proactively with third-party payers to ensure that each patient receives all the benefits allowable under their plan. By working directly with insurance carriers on the patient’s behalf we can often maximize patient benefits in ways the patient cannot accomplish alone. This approach reduces stress and anxiety for patients, leaving them free to focus on lasting recovery. For those patients who are uninsured or underinsured, we offer flexible financial options that make sense.

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