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Speak to a Rosewood Specialist

Speak to a Rosewood Specialist

Thoughts from Rosewood Alumni About Our Seattle Reunion

Rosewood Alum Reunion

Thank you to our incredible alumni who took the time to attend our alumni reunion in Seattle in June and share their feelings about the event. Your words mean more to us than you can ever know! Here’s a sample of what participants had to say…

“Thank you guys for an incredible weekend. As ‘normal’ life has resumed I can’t stop thinking about how much joy each of you brought to me. My heart is full. Though I’m struggling with body image deeply today I’m reminded of this weekend. I am not only ‘perfectly imperfect’ but my recovery is as well. As a reminder of freedom and the love I felt the weekend of the reunion, I have taken up paddle boarding. I learned a new coping skill!”

“Ever since this reunion people have said to me, almost daily, how much happier I seem. That I seem refreshed and at peace. This weekend couldn’t have come at a better time and I am still beaming with gratitude for all of you!”

“On the drive home my husband mentioned how proud he was of everyone at the reunion. Even though he doesn’t know all of your personal stories, he realizes overcoming an eating disorder doesn’t happen overnight. We will celebrate our 10-year anniversary this December, and he has witnessed a few relapses in our early years. He has seen the hard work, gone to therapy with me, driven me to EDA meetings, and never stopped believing in me. He knows that each one of you has done similar work, and it’s not easy. Thank you for helping him feel welcome, because he has been a huge part in my recovery.”

“Can I just tell everyone that even though my body is sick, my spirit is soaring. I have so enjoyed everyone’s pictures and videos and all of the uplifting comments…My heart is so happy!!!”

“I’m feeling blessed. I just wanted to say thank you all for such a fun, memorable, and energizing weekend. I know I wasn’t the most talkative of the group, but I still had a blast participating in all the events and it was a pleasure and honor to meet some of you for the first time and catch up with all you old friends.”

“I don’t often take time for myself or spend money on myself. Almost everything I do is for someone else. I love this quality in me a lot of times because the world needs more love and help. Even so, I have found myself exhausted. This weekend’s Seattle reunion was truly amazing…My takeaway from this weekend is to stop starving myself of life and fun. That it truly is okay to be treated and taken care of, with no expectation or ulterior motive. I am worth it.”

We have another reunion coming up, Sept. 29 to Oct. 1 in Arizona. Please consider joining us! 

Learn more about our alumni program. 

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