Lynne Biehl, Alumni Coordinator at Rosewood Centers for Eating Disorders Santa Monica

Lynne Biehl

Alumni Coordinator Rosewood California

Lynne Biehl – Alumni Coordinator

Lynne Biehl is the Alumni Coordinator at Rosewood Centers for Eating Disorders Santa Monica. Lynne brings over a decade of marketing experience and relationship building from her career in the luxury brands industry. Lynne’s desire to find a meaningful life’s work directed her to the treatment industry. Her compassion and hope towards addiction and mental health treatment stems from her and her family’s personal struggles of addiction, loss and recovery. This deep understanding of mental health and her professional experience in marketing allows her to facilitate the relationships required in assisting the community.

A Buffalo native, Lynne graduated from State University College at Buffalo and has a degree in Business Studies. She is closely connected in the recovery community and strives to reach those that are struggling with addiction and mental health. Lynne truly believes in the transformation of treatment in a nurturing environment.

Her enthusiasm to help people make life-altering changes continues through her non-working hours too. Lynne is an active member of Agape International Spiritual Center, a spiritual community that allows all seekers the opportunity of personal growth through selfless service to others. She is a longstanding member of the Agape International Choir.