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Speak to a Rosewood Specialist

Speak to a Rosewood Specialist

For many patients, the first year of recovery from an eating disorder can be the most challenging.

To provide the support they need during this critical time, Rosewood offers Transitional Living programs at our Rosewood Santa Monica and Rosewood Capri locations. At these beautifully appointed home-like facilities, our patients have an opportunity to shift gently and seamlessly from intensive eating disorder treatment to healthy and successful independent living. Rosewood’s Transitional Living programs provide emotional, logistical and professional support in an atmosphere that’s accepting and affirming. Patients are encouraged to solidify the gains they’ve made, practice the life skills they’ll need to master, and develop confidence in their abilities as they face a bright future. Designed for patients who are ready for a more independent yet supported living experience, Transitional Living is a step-down from our more structured programs. It provides patients with a holistic, peaceful environment in which to make healthy recovery choices as they progress through their healing process in an environment surrounded by supportive peers.

Our Transitional Living program is Ideal for:

  • Adult patients emerging from Inpatient, Residential and other levels of care
  • Patients who might feel intimidated at the prospect of abruptly re-entering the workforce
  • Patients who need a little extra help gearing up to live independently
  • Residents wishing to develop confidence in their recovery skills within a supportive environment

Tools for Successful Transition

We help patients prepare to live independently by providing a combination of success-focused tools, including:

  • Access to therapists
  • Community bonding
  • One-on-one support from our resident advisors
  • Job search support
  • Recovery tools
  • Coping skills

The private Transitional Living accommodations are beautifully appointed and compassionately supervised. Residents are encouraged to work, attend school or volunteer as a way to engage with the community. A staff member is available to provide support and 24/7 supervision for those living in the house.

A Gentle Focus on Accountability

To live independently after treatment is to accept responsibilities and accountability. Our Transitional Living program gives patients an opportunity to practice accountability and to experience first-hand the feeling of accomplishment when goals are achieved. Our professionals meet with each patient at least weekly to review progress made during the week and set goals for the next week. This focus on accountability starts when the patient first arrives, and the level of supervision and follow-up can be adjusted depending on the person’s progress and needs.

Avoiding the Risk of Social Isolation

Many eating disorder patients experience a sense of social isolation before starting treatment, especially those who have co-occurring conditions like anxiety, depression and addiction. Our Transitional Living program gives patients a chance to practice the skills they’ll need for interacting comfortably with others. By approaching this issue proactively, in an emotionally safe environment, they minimize the chance of feeling isolated and relapsing after starting to live independently. With the gentle support that comes from our Transitional Living program, many patients enjoy a renewed sense of confidence, ambition, connection and self-understanding as they prepare to embark on new chapters in their lives.

Other Levels of Care Available at Rosewood:

Inpatient Treatment Program (IP): Our highest level of care for severely compromised patients. Includes continuous monitoring, an intensive care unit, medically supervised detox and other needed services in our licensed on-site hospital. Available at Rosewood Ranch. Residential Treatment Program: For residents who are medically stable, but still need support staff available 24-hours a day. Available at Rosewood Ranch. Extended Day Treatment Program: 11-hour individualized treatment for eating disorder patients with severely impaired functioning. Available at Rosewood Santa Monica. Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP): Similar to our inpatient program, but in a less structured setting, so residents can practice real life skills. Serves as either an entry point or as a step down from a more intensive program. Available at Rosewood Capri, Rosewood Santa Monica. Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP): Provides a step-up in support for individuals struggling with their eating disorder symptoms or a step-down for those transitioning from a higher level of care. Available at Rosewood Tempe, Rosewood Santa Monica.

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