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Speak to a Rosewood Specialist

Speak to a Rosewood Specialist

Join Us For Interactive Presentation On Eating Disorders

Eating disorders are not a fad, phase or lifestyle. They are serious, life threatening conditions that can lead to damaging consequences mentally, emotionally and physically. They are often hidden, kept as a secret for fear of judgment and the stigma involved. They are, however, treatable and the prognosis is excellent if a well-structured treatment plan is administered and ongoing support is provided. Anyone can develop an eating disorder. It is an illness that does not discriminate. It does not develop because of weak willpower, socioeconomic status, gender or age. What we do know is that it can be tied to a mental health condition such as depression or psychological factor such as low-self esteem. It doesn’t help much that our youth—and society as a whole—is constantly bombarded by images of attractive, thin celebrities or persons of great influence. We are taught that this is the norm and anything below is unappealing or sub-par. We are not born with poor body image, it is taught. Join Shannon Hershkowitz from the Rosewood Centers for Eating Disorders for a lively discussion with Q&A about this disease. You’ll learn how to spot red flags, establish a clear plan on how to seek help and learn to identify support systems when your eating disorder secret becomes dangerous.

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