Wow I have a FULL year of recovery!

Wow I have a FULL year of recovery! WTF! I can’t believe it! This time last year I was on my way to Rosewood Ranch Centers to start a long, even though I didn’t know that at the time, journey ahead of me. When I first went to Rosewood I thought I would be there for 30 days at the most and then go back to school in Laramie, WY. Instead, I find myself living in Los Angeles, CA and not knowing what the next day will bring. I am so grateful that I have had the opportunity to go to treatment and get help. Doors I never knew existed are opening! It has NOT been easy. I have lost jobs, school, friendships/relationships, myself even, and the comfort of my ED. In return, I have received something even better- stronger friendships/relationships, happiness, and, more importantly, I’m finding out who I am. Recovery is the hardest thing I have done and I’m still working at it. Without recovery, I would have no future. Recovery keeps me alive! I could not have done it without the amazing people I have met and the awesome support of my family and friends back in WY and SD. Every single one of these people mean the world to me! Thank you for all that you have done. My hope is that others who are struggling with any mental illness/disease find the hope, strength, and inspiration to carry on with their lives in recovery. Every life is worth living!