Rosewood did what I could not do for myself. They led me to health, stability and sanity.

38 years is a very long time to be sick. Compulsive eating, binge eating, bulimia, anorexia, compulsive exercise, addiction to caffeine and “natural” stimulants- it never got better and it never went away. Until January 9, 2011. At 38 years old, this Stay at Home Mom of four littles sacrificed all, her ultimate control, for the possibility of change. This is where Rosewood did what I could not do for myself, they lead me to health, stability and sanity. Five weeks inpatient, five weeks partial outpatient, and five months intensive outpatient treatment later, I began to walk in recovery- but not alone. To this day, Rosewood continues to provide my support and my direction. Five and a half years in recovery and I continue to be challenged, to learn and to grow, but I no longer have to do it my way. Rosewood continues to be my dietary support, my accountability support, my peer support, and my source of advocacy, as I now have the opportunity to share my experience with others, so they won’t have to live a life of shame, guilt and regret in darkness, or alone. Rosewood was, and continues to be, my light. And I am honored and proud, as a result of their commitment to health, to share the light of recovery with others.