Recovery is POSSIBLE!

Going to Rosewood has been the beginning of the most transformative and incredible journey of my life. I am grateful I was afforded the opportunity to walk through the doors at Rosewood. For 14 years I tried to suppress my pain through eating disorders and various addictions. I did not want to exist, yet I am here, and I am beyond grateful to be alive sharing my voice.

Self-hatred and anger I wore as an inner badge of honor. I did not realize that I needed help, love, and support. Rosewood took me in with loving, gentle, and open arms. I did not know of unconditional love, acceptance, understanding, and compassion until I stepped foot into treatment. I was surrounded with so much love and support, I started to believe that recovery was worth it. I started to believe that recovery was possible, and that I could love myself again one day.
This has been a journey of self-love, acceptance, and authenticity. I once hid who I was to blend in with society while slowly dying on the inside. Now, I am gradually becoming all that I am meant to be, by loving all facets of my being. This has been a process, and Rosewood has made this journey possible. I have been learning how to fall in love with myself and accept myself and others since I walked into Rosewood. Thank you for helping me believe that recovery is possible, and self-love is the most beautiful gift we can offer ourselves and our world! We are all worthy of love, and we are all worthy of recovery. Recovery is POSSIBLE!