I have found new direction in my life.

Skateboarding is something that I am very passionate about and have been for 24 years of my life. I have accomplished a lot through skateboarding and am very grateful. Having an eating disorder consumed me. Nearly losing my life to it forced me to give up skateboarding, which proves just how powerful the disease is. It was able to destroy my life and take away what means the most to me. I went through treatment and recovery at Rosewood amongst other treatment centers and was able to get my life back and start skateboarding again. I have found new direction in my life, changed my perspective and am able to accept myself more and focus on more important things. I have always used art, writing and being creative as a way to express myself along with skateboarding. These things helped me get through struggles with depression, shyness, insecurity, being self conscious among other things and now after recovery I have written and illustrated a published picture book called “The Boy Who Skated with Dragons.” I never imagined that I would be able to do such amazing things and have the opportunity to share my talents and inspire others. I believe that everyone has such great talents and we are all capable of amazing things if we don’t give up. Follow your dreams, have fun and do what makes you happy!