Dust yourself off, and get back up immediately, don’t use it as an excuse to continue to stay down.

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Robert and I have suffered from Binge Eating Disorder for 30+ years. A few things I should mention before I go further are: The reason I have an addiction to food primarily stems from my mother whom when I was 3 years old would shove sandwiches under my bedroom door, when I wanted a hug, and then molested me when I was 4, and finally abandoned me shortly after. Food has always been a comfort for me in the moment, but it soon lets me down. I repeat this over and over because I think it is going to change and it never does. In December of 2013, I finally had enough and knew it was time to get some help. I checked in at Rosewood Center for Eating Disorders on December 18th, 2013. This was very frightening to me because I had never done anything like this before, and I knew I would die if I did not take this seriously. It was about a month before I was ready to come home and during a therapy session another person said, “We are all going to relapse”, and I remember how angry I was, and I said, “Not Me”. The therapist approached me and mentioned how worried they were that I said that. I said again, “I am not going to relapse”. She mentioned that overconfidence will put you right back where you were, and I thought impossible I have all of this knowledge and I just accepted Jesus in my life there is no way. Well I am here to tell you she was right. I came home and I managed to stay on my meal plan for 5 months, and the overconfidence struck, and hit me like a brick wall. The stronger I got in my faith, the harder the enemy works to knock you down, and that is what he did. Here is the important part, dust yourself off, and get back up immediately, don’t use it as an excuse to continue to stay down. I have been working very hard to figure out my addiction and my codependency, and I believe I have discovered a way. Before I let you go I would like to share a scripture with you that helps me every day. Philippians 4:13, “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength”. Remember one thing that was stressed during treatment, we cannot do this alone. Surround yourself with positive people (no drama), and get Jesus in your life. If we do these things we will succeed.