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Balance in the Box: Two Fun Bento Ideas

School time is coming and I am loving the trendy Bento Box rage; the perfectly portioned, creative, fun way to pack and serve lunch — and they’re not just for kids. The Japanese bento box dates back to the sixteenth century but today we find the boxes packed with adorable food shaped into Hello Kitty, animals and flowers. I am sharing a couple of delightful kid-friendly, wholesome lunches I found that could also easily fit in at the office with the plenty of taste, color and fun (minus the time-consuming artwork). ~ Chef Rachel

Homemade Taco Cups

Bento1BThis sassy little taco cup bento is a fun hands-on lunch. Stuff each container with your favorite taco fillings and use multigrain scoop-style tortilla chips as shells, or make your own version by cutting out rounds of a whole-wheat tortilla and baking them in a mini muffin tin. Both kids and grown-ups can enjoy this tasty Mexican buffet.

Carrot and Edamame Quinoa with Miso Dressing

Bento2This delicious salad bento focuses on a nice balance of vegetables, grains and proteins using carrots, quinoa and edamame all tossed in a miso dressing with a nice kick. The salad is served with pan-seared chicken and whole-wheat pita bread for snacking on (or filling with the salad) that you will love.

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ChefRachel_CropThis recipe is brought to you by Rachel Tribby, Executive Le Cordon Bleu Chef, Rosewood Ranch. Check out Chef Rachel’s Pinterest Recipe Page

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