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Rosewood Centers for Eating Disorders -Santa Monica, California

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At Rosewood Santa Monica, our goal is to treat the whole person, address the root causes of an eating disorder and provide patients with ongoing support for a lifelong recovery.

Located in picturesque Santa Monica only miles from the Pacific Ocean, Rosewood Santa Monica offers personalized treatment for adults and adolescents struggling with anorexia, bulimia, binge-eating disorder and co-occurring mental illnesses.

We emphasize emotional and physical healing from eating disorders and self-destructive behaviors in a healthy, supportive, therapeutic setting that encourages balanced living. Our clients learn to incorporate the proper nutrients, physical activities and holistic approaches to their daily routines to repair abnormal eating patterns and regain control of their lives.

Rosewood’s multidisciplinary team works closely with patients, their families and referring providers to gain a clear picture of treatment needs and provide continuous updates on patient progress. After performing a comprehensive clinical evaluation, the professionals at Rosewood Santa Monica develop a uniquely personalized program for each client that may involve special modalities such as psychotherapy, mindfulness and dialectical behavior therapy.

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Levels of Care

Our treatment approach is tailored to meet the unique needs of each individual. At Rosewood Santa Monica we offer the following levels of care:

Extended Day Treatment:
This program is an innovative option for those who are medically stable with severely impaired functioning due to eating disorders and co-occurring symptoms. This 11-hour structured program is also beneficial for those who need more than a standard partial hospitalization program, but less than residential.

Partial Day Treatment:
Our Partial Day Treatment is for those requiring a higher level of structure, attention and support. Treatment involves a nutritious lunch and two snacks as determined by a pre-developed individualized meal plan. Therapy groups are led by licensed professionals who provide one-on-one sessions and with family members, if clinically appropriate. The program psychiatrist is available for psychiatric consultation and for the treatment of co-occurring disorders.

Intensive Outpatient Program:
Our Intensive Outpatient Program is available Monday through Friday during the day and evening. Each evening program consists of a four-hour combination of specialized groups, nutritional meal planning, supervised evening meals, meal processing and educational presentations designed to support your recovery process. We also offer group psychotherapy, body image group, gentle and mindful eating process groups, and experiential therapies.

Transitional Living:
We offer transitional living programs at four beautifully appointed and compassionately supervised homes. For adults only, each of our homes focuses on a specific phase of treatment.
Each resident benefits from therapists, recovery tools, community bonding, one-on-one support from our resident advisors, job search support and recovery tools.

Programs & Services

Family Involvement & Healing:
Family involvement is crucial to the healing and recovery of eating disorders. Working as a team we prepare patients, family and friends with the essential tools they need to return home with confidence and a commitment to live healthy and productive lives together. We address family issues, provide information on communication, the recovery process and lay the foundation to mend the family system.

Nutrition Programs:
Our dietitians understand the true essence of Intuitive Eating, by empowering our clients to listen to their body’s cues as a way to naturally guide eating. Rosewood highlights the importance of reconnecting the mind-body experience through mindful eating practices with the purpose of becoming aware of biological hunger versus emotional hunger, as well as the environmental factors that influence eating.

Experiential Modalities:
We offer various experiential modalities led by certified therapists, registered dietitians and psychiatrists. Each individualized treatment plan incorporates any of the following: dialectical behavioral therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, body image groups, addiction and psycho-education, meal planning/ nutritional education, relapse prevention, gentle and mindful eating groups, multi-family therapy groups, individualized case management, art/ music therapy, yoga, equine therapy and bibliotherapy.

Support Groups and Therapy:
We host a variety of weekly support groups with topics designed for clients, as well as their families and friends alike. These groups allow individuals to share their experiences, exchange information and connect with others who may be experiencing similar situations. Individual therapy is also provided and emphasizes insight, self-awareness and empowerment to help each client to learn about themselves and grow.

Our Clinical Team

At Rosewood Santa Monica, we’ve assembled a world-class clinical team – the best and brightest in the treatment of eating disorders, addiction, and dual disorders – that utilizes an evidence-based recovery model to deliver superior outcomes and enable lifelong recovery.

Learn more about our renowned experts.

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